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How tea seed oil refining equipment is squeezed and precipitation

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Tea seed oil refining equipment must first press the soft reduction, ground pressure of 19.6 MPa gauge must fierce pressure, the pressure increased to 34.3 MPa. After the press filter to obtain crude oil. But only conduct a squeeze rapeseed oil rate is not high, only 85 per cent rate of rapeseed oil. So to be two press. Method two road squeezing is: head and said press cake was crushed to particles of about 0.7 mm and then steamed embryos, embryos feed water requirements at 10% to 11.5%, the temperature should reach 1050C, the rest of the process and the head the same road.
Tea seed oil refining equipment during the filtered crude oil still contains impurities, crude oil can be filtered impurity precipitation 7 days. Conditions can be precipitated crude oil for 24 hours, filtered through a filter in the pump pressure on people. Filter working pressure does not exceed O. 34 MPa, with two layers of fabric, the outer layer chosen 20 yarn 5 to 8 shares canvas lining with muslin. After filtration, if not refined, oil temperature does not exceed 60 ℃; if the filter to be refined after a temperature not exceeding 95 ℃. Per square meter per hour capacity of 40 to 60 kg.

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